Festival City Tango
Feedback from the 2017 festival
Big congratulations to you and all the committee. Another wonderful festival which would have taken a great deal of commitment and time . I thank you all greatly
X Steve

I also think Festival was great. You and your committee did a fabulous job. The venues were just the right size and the floors were excellent. I particularly liked the farewell milonga at Prospect town hall. The brunch was superb - raspberries, blueberries and blackberries with fruit salad jogurt and salmon open sandwiches - it was just mouth watering. The setup and decorations were very welcoming and the music was great.

Thanks for a great Festival!

Cheers Karlis

Hi Roger, thanks so much for sending Anton's photos, great mementos of a fabulous festival. Thank you again very much to you and your Committee/team for organising and working so hard to produce such a wonderful, friendly event - best Festival City Tango! We had a really great time. The milongas and venues were excellent as well as music, dinner, brunch. The Adelaide guys (and others from elsewhere) were very generous in dancing with as many followers as possible which was much appreciated.
I look forward to seeing you all when I'm next in Adelaide sometime.
Cheers Leonie

Hi Roger.

You all did a great job of putting on a smooth and fun event. I appreciate just how much work and effort would have been involved. Please accept my vote of appreciation for yourself and your committee.

Thanks once again.

Rod Krischock